Welcome to the wonderful world of Jelly Pie books! It's home to the funniest reads around.

Jelly Pie books are full of laugh-out-loud adventures and larger-than-life characters – like Ellie May, the incredibly famous film star, Barry Loser (who’s actually not a loser) and that gruesome old rotter Mr Gum.

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Lazy Lift: Penthouse

Welcome to the lazy lift, penthouse level. Take a ride and go see Pie.
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Smelly Jelly

Hey there, I’m a really fun, friendly jelly. But no-one ever gets close enough to find that out.
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The Jelly Pie Game!

Reunite Jelly and Pie in this mammoth adventure, coming soon.
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Granny Jelly

I’ve been living in Jelly Pie Central so long I’m part of the furniture.
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Jelly Pics Gallery

Come visit the Jelly Pie gallery, browse and submit your own work of art.

Princess Jelly

I’m Princess Jelly, as sweet and as cute as can be.
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Jelly vs Pie in Tic Tac Toe

Play as Jelly in Tic Tac Toe to win points.

Jelly Pie Factory

Do you have what it takes to make the perfect Jelly Pie. Play as Jelly Pie Factory to win points.
Jelly Pie Factory

The Land of Books

Join the Jellies in the library for a spot of reading.
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  • i-am-a-loser
  • i-am-not-a-loser
  • welcome-to-bugville-home-to-the-bravest-bugs-in-the-universe
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  • alien-belly
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  • the-magnificant-moon-hare
  • eliie-may-would-like-to-be-taken-seriously-for-a-change
  • agatha-parrot-and-the-thirteenth-chicken
  • Gum_Cherry
  • agatha-parrot-and-the-heart-of-mud
  • agatha-parrot-and-the-zombie-bird
  • Gum_Bear
  • agatha-parrot-and-the-mushroom-boy
  • Gum_Power_Crystals
  • agatha-parrot-and-the-floating-head
  • Goblin_Gum
  • Biscuit_Gum
  • BMan_Gum
  • trouble-in-bugsville
  • ellie may sitting on suitcases
  • Agatha Parrot and the Odd Street Ghost
  • http://www.google.co.uk
  • Barry Loser WBD
  • Gum_Dinner
  • B_L_Holiday_Doom

Jelly Pie Maker

Design your own Jelly Pie and feature in the Jelly Pie penthouse.

Jelly Jokers

What's hiding behind the windows? What are those jellies up to?.

Jelly Pie Notices

What's going on in Jelly Pie Central?

Captain Hook"
By Lara

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